Criquet Projets and Festival à Pélican wouldn't exist without the generous support of our donors. Your enthusiasm, contributions and participation are the very heart of this festival. A donation will not only ensure the continuation of Festival à Pélican, but also the development of many other exciting future projets.

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Founding Sponsors

Clark McFadden & Mary Wagner, Rob Straus & Gates McFadden, Augusta Talbot, John C. Talbot, Merry Conway, David Sulzberger

Donors 2017

Herbert & Sari Thomas, Frances Burnett, Anonymous, William McFadden, Sue Nikl, Russell Kelley, Theodore Walch, Stephanie Burton, Miranda Deebrah, Anonymous, Mark Butler, Tom Jacobson, Anonymous, Michael Ruff, Esther Trost, Jeff & Janet McCracken, Karen Roberson, Courtney Hansen, William C. McFadden, Mina Sharpe, Vicky Ashberry, Augusta Talbot, John Talbot, Ellen Hindson, Stephanie Gosse, Brandon Shea, Niki Repass, Heather Thomas, Sally & Richard Mennen, Tasha Edwards, John Thomas, Gemma Marshall, Katie Koester, Anne Allen, Prestopino Locatell, David Straus, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Anonymous, Karen C., Trish Dudley

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Anonymous, Lyn Butler, Sara Byruck, Dan & Judith Drake, Carol Fischer, Lisa Foti-Straus, Matilda Giampietro, Maggie Hasspacher, Elisabeth Hatch, Tom Jacobson, Michael Kaufman, Russell Kelley, Will McFadden, Anonymous, Greg Prestopino & Carol Locatell, Michael Ruff, Walter & Ilse Sangree, Anonymous, Drew Straus, Constance Talbot, Heather Thomas, Herb & Sari Thomas, Anonymous, Ted Walch