Culture is shared...

"Buy a ticket for yourself and offer a ticket to someone you don't know," is the idea we have to stick to our philosophy "bring art to people," in other words: facilitate access to culture.

Thanks to this gesture, you will help us offer an artistic moment to the community, notably to those who have the passion for classical music without the means to satisfy it.

Criquet Projets has recieved the support of the Mayors of Gignac and of Saint-Bauzille-de-la-Sylve concerning this idea. They will deliver the offered tickets to the members of their respective communes who will have been selected based upon specific criteria (young music students, retirees...).

We're counting on you to share this information and on your generosity!

Art within the reach of everyone, in a magical location is what characterises Criquet Projets!

the origins of Criquet Projets...

It has always been our dream to create unique performing arts events in this region of France. Since I was a small child, we've come here to engage with the local art and culture, and to engage in our own creative work. As a team, we combine expertise in theater, production, and music to make our dream a reality. We look to our surroundings for inspiration, and we design our productions for the locations in which they are performed. Imagine concerts in candle-lit chapels, theatrical performances with original music, movement, and projection in unique historical sites...

Don't imagine it, come!

Criquet Projets Productions

James McFadden-Talbot, Président/Directeur Artistique

Gates McFadden, Trésorière/Directrice de production

Patricia Huczek, Secrétaire adjointe/Directrice de communication

Virginie Bertran, Secrétaire

l'Art Visuel

Constance TalbotCriquet Projets logo

Karin Campfens, Festival à Pélican peinture

Daniel DornhoeferPhotographes 2017